Every donation makes
a huge difference.


We need you to help us raise funds, so we can educate and serve as many menstruators as we can. Everything you donate helps us educate people and help those who can’t afford or access menstrual products.

Bank Account

Periods happen every month – so can your donation!
You can donate to our cause from the comfort of your home by using this

IBAN: PK65SAUD0000402010396533
Account Title: HER Pakistan
Account number: 2010396533
Bank Name: Silk Bank Limited
Branch Name: Sohrab Goth Branch
Branch Code: 0040
Branch Address: Silk Bank Limited, Highway Trade Centre, Super Highway, Karachi, Pakistan


HER Pakistan is working around the clock to send menstrual products (all kinds) and supplies to flood-affected areas. We are working in partnership with various government, civil society organizations and social activists to ensure menstruators have appropriate products during this crisis. We work closely with partners and local leaders on the ground to find out what menstruating individuals need send just that. We are listening to the people we are serving.

Every donation counts!


Menstrual Products

You can also donate menstrual products; reusable and disposable pads, tampons or cups. We send these in-kind donations to their rightful owners.

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