Everything you need to know about menstruation


Chart your Cycle!

Iman Najeeb

Tracking your period is an art and a science rooted in women learning to listen to the signs their bodies were giving them indicating when they were fertile and when they can expect to start menstruating. Modern technology assisted in …

Blood has No Gender: Trans-People and Periods

Hareem Ahmer

A menstruating body and a woman’s body are not one-in-the-same. Not all women menstruate and not all people who menstruate are women.

10 Yoga Poses You Should Try on Your Period

Mariam Shaikh

Take your pick from this list to soothe the mind and body while you menstruate.

5 Shows and Movies Every Man Should Watch to Understand Menstruation

Faiq Lodhi

Societal stigmatization of menstruation or period blood makes it almost impossible to educate men out of their ignorance.

COVID-19 and the Menstrual Crisis in Pakistan

Durr-e-Sameen Mirza

Periods don’t stop during a pandemic, but managing them has become a whole lot harder.

Fighting a Pandemic in PPEs while Menstruating

Zoya Anwer

Healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic are reporting that they lack the resources to manage their periods.