Striving for a
Period Friendly Pakistan


We are on a journey to change the way menstruation affects young people’s lives and their communities. HER Pakistan provides menstrual health education and resources to reduce stigma and establish menstrual equity as a societal norm. We are ending period poverty by lowering the barriers to accessing menstrual products.




“Today I learned that there is nothing shameful about menstruation and that we should love our body. I also learned how to take care of my health and body, especially that there is nothing wrong about bathing when menstruating.”

Areeba ali Student

“I really appreciate that HER Pakistan is changing the idea that a woman’s body is associated with shame. This idea is so deep rooted that girls are embarrassed to even carry sanitary napkins and underwear with them. I am happy that this session was able to break the stereotype and help girls appreciate their bodies.”

Bakhtawar Teacher, The Citizens Foundation

“I really want to thank HER Pakistan for carrying out this very important session for our students. There was always a hesitation for me to interact with girls about menstruation, now I am more confident to talk to girls about menstruation now. One thing that I really appreciate is that the session helped girls accept their bodies and not be ashamed of menstruation.”

Isra Shahab Manager Student Development, The Citizens Foundation

Sanitary pads are beneficial for us particularly in lockdown, when we are not able to access anything else during periods, these pads have been no less than a blessing for us. We somehow have been able to arrange for food rations, but for sanitation, women have to resort to the use of unhygienic items.

Safina Javed Surjani Town